zondag 12 juli 2009


CONGRESS/LIAR split 7"ep (H8000 fest 2K2)
One of the most logical split releases in the history of H8000 back in the day would definitely have been a Liar/Congress one...it never happened though and 2002 seemed like a good option to finally do it. Both bands recorded a raw unpolished track in a small recording studio and the goal was handing out the 7" at the 2002 edition of the H8000 fest in Kortrijk. The same concept happened back in 1994. Check here: http://h8000central.blogspot.com/2009/07/free-h8000-7ep-at-door.html This release is ltd to 500 and has 20 test presses, handed out to the band members and some friends. Almost 500 kids attended at the fest and Goodlife distributed some copies through the mailorder.
Very hard to get, especially if you weren't at the 2002 fest.
Both tracks appeared in a re-recorded version on Congress 'ressurection' and on Liar's 'Murder manifesto'. Happy hunting! :)

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