donderdag 9 juli 2009

Cup O Joe - Collecting CoffeeMugs.


I was'nt sure on writing a piece about Coffee-mugs or not. People who do know me, are familiar with the fact that I love Coffee.
As you can see in the pic above, there's a SHORTSIGHT coffee mug in my little collection, it dates 1994 and was limited to 50, and was just handed out to friends of the band. WAREHOUSE RECORDS releases these back then, and it was definitely one of the better promotional items in my opinion. The mug isn't in use anymore...I just use the Rev and Born From Pain ones in order to enjoy my Joe...I bet a lot of oldies forgot about the Shortsight one...I'm also wondering who still has their mug.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. When you left here, you also left your aluminum coffee mug, some Star Fighter coffee mug and there is also a 2.13.61 mug that i don't know whether is mine or yours, LOL.


  2. Aagh..damn, the Rollins mug is definitely mine,didn't found it back in my moving boxes.
    Care for a little pick-up the comin' days?

  3. sure thing pal. I still gots my Shortsight mug as well as my Descendents and Westbeach Recorders mug !!!

    As well as the Dixie Diner mug we stole when we were in Erie for Mike Ski's wedding, you remember that :))

  4. I still have my Shortsight mug as well! Got it as a present from Bruno... Since I don't drink any coffee, I use it to hold my pencils and stuff on my desk... :)