zondag 12 juli 2009

THE H8000 SHIRT ARCHIVES (mid 90's)

H8000 CREW SHIRT - 1995-1997

Probably one of the most important shirts to many kids back in the mid 90's...A H8000 pit meant crazy and hard dancing, many other scenes hated our guts because of that and also because of the fact that we named it CREW...reason enough to push it further into a bold and loud shirt. The first prints didn't had RULES YOUR PIT on the back...wearing this one meant you where part of it, it was a strictly local thing, but while on tour I've witnessed these shirts in Germany, Poland, France and Italy..because our scene got as much admiration as it was hated by the pc police.(Pic and shirt courtesy of Ed Goodlife)

CONGRESS 'EdgeMetal' Shirt 1996 - GoodLife
After the release of Blackened Persistance, Congress released 'The Other Cheek', another classic and winning album packed with smashing hits and on top of it, the sought after demotracks where included as a bonus...this is one of the many Congress shirts that got printed then, check the EDGEMETAL thing for the first time on a shirt. Check also the Carhart GLR logo on the back of the shirt.
(Pic and shirt courtesy of Ed Goodlife)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Carhart rip off designed by Apetown.
    Bummed dat ik dit shirt (hoodie) ooit getrade heb.

  2. Mega coole shirts die...heb ergens een Longsleeve rondslingeren.

  3. Die Edge-metal shirt is inderdaad wel een must have. Maar die shirts zijn nog moeilijker te vinden dan de records uit dezelfde periode.

    De live-pic erop is pretty sweet; Josh en Pierre in the middle of ...