donderdag 2 juli 2009


A tradition that started back in 1994 and continued on a regular base, 2K2-2K3-2K7.
Something no-one did at least back in the early 90's.

CONGRESS / BLINDFOLD 'The Pits Edition'.December 23th - 1994
This great show was a Record-Release party + Both Congress and Blindfold took off for a short X-Mas tour (94-95), Congress would do a bunch of shows with DC's BATTERY and Blindfold had some dates with UNBROKEN. On December 23 a local show was booked at The Pits (Kortrijk),the Congress Ep had a special designed b/w sleeve, was hand-numbered and had two vinyl stickers inside. The Blindfold vinyl was on green wax and both 7"'s came only in 125 copies each. More than 140 kids entered at the show. No need to tell that some kids where dissapointed.
Keep in mind that the Pits is very small and from 60 kids on the place is pretty packed. There could be no better start for the tour + those who had the luck to get these 2 freebies had an extremely cool and super rare item.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. This is soooo huge, I wish I was there at that release show, not for the records but for the H8000 atmosphere magic back then.

  2. I take that one to the grave for sure.

  3. The congress 7" has the bandmembers in cartoon style, very cool and funny...

  4. Actually, at one point we thought about making dolls for each member, but the doll/robot scene was not as developed back then as it is now and it would have been way too expensive... too bad, would have loved a UxJx doll !