donderdag 2 juli 2009

SHORTSIGHT - Why Spend Time learning 7"ep.

SHORTSIGHT - Why Spend Time learning 7"ep. (Conquer the World) 1994
Again a golden oldie, like mentioned before, Shortsight was definitely one of my favorite old H8000 bands, full of energy, a smart message and awesome people.
This is the first full release with my sister Saskia on vocals, which turned out great. Another version of 'Agony' is on a UK animal rights version 7" (more later).
This is the original 1994 Us version of the 7" on CTW Records. It came on a variety of colored vinyl, blue, orange, white, clear, red and regular black vinyl. The recording quality isn't that great this due the shitty cats studio, but it's a winner...and hey, Rob Franssen (Born from pain) did the backing vocals on this one.

SHORTSIGHT - Why Spend Time learning 7"ep. (Machination Records) 1994
Due to the shitty distribution in the European continent and the band almost never had copies to sell at their shows, a re-press was needed. So Machination re-pressed this one, a re-mastering and a bit of change in the artwork and the job was done. A good amount got sold all over and there's ltd clear vinyl for this one. I always liked the sleeve of the US version better, even the fact it was a printing error.

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  1. I have the CTW version of this record on red also.

    I'm glad you made a post about it because I couldn't do it (lack of knowledge on this one)

  2. You're totally right, I also have the red version, just checked. :)