maandag 7 juni 2010

May 1st 1996

May 1st 1996, also known as 'international workers'day...there was some kind of festival organised by the Socialist party..Some stupid rock and reggae bands played and both Congress and Blindfold got asked as well. During the start of Congress, Josh demanded the crowd to move the stage-barriers and came to the conclusion that this was very "un-socialist" and basically called the organisers on their shit on their own turf..which was hilarious. The crowd went berzerk and tore down the place basically. Congress was known for starting riots or the 'anything can happen' situations during their set, which definitely meant that hardcore had more balls than nowadays.
That pic is legendary and you can see Jeroen Sektor on top of the crowd, you can see Saskia (Shortsight), Wim and Jan (Blindfold), Nick (regression), Steve (Lifecycle),Colin (Spineless) in the corner below and some more...The pic below I just found back in my personal Collection from Blindfold performing at the same stage. I cherrish this gig as one of the highlights in the history of h8000 hardcore.
The show was rebellious, violent and brutally honest. True 100% hc spirit.

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  1. Great stories. Brings back sweet memories from my teenager years. Thanks a lot. I never knew these things although I have/had all these great H8000 records and was at many of these shows. Keep it up!

  2. 愛情是一種發明,需要不斷改良。只是,這種發明和其他發明不一樣,它沒有專利權,隨時會被人搶走。.................................................................

  3. The good old days... Ik sta op dien foto met Blindfold ook. En 't is Niek by the way...

  4. Idd de goeie ouwe tijd.
    Bedankt aan Karel en Jurgen gisteren, voor de leuke herinneringen. Het was echt super jullie nog es terug te zien. Sommige dingen blijven gewoon hé, LIfecyele,forever until... :-)

    Grtjes Sofieke Vantomme.