maandag 7 juni 2010


Another legendary pic that definitely left a memorable impression on the kids at the Ieperfest '95 edition is this UxJ one. The whole band was on stage already and the Congress intro was blasting through the speakers...UxJ made his way through the crowd with a cape over his head and entered the stage with this Immortal look-a-like paint. This was definitely awesome. Note that he also opened his arms on that same weekend with a razorblade the next day during the Liar set..., I'll remember while UxJ was bleeding pretty badly and I smeared my face and chest with his blood...totally forgetting that my mom was checking our set from the side of the stage. Crazy times!!!

*The UxJ pic inside the 'Blackened Persistance' booklet is actually taken during that Liar set.

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  1. Best Ieperfest EVER!!!! No doubt!

    If my memory is correct, it was also the last Ieperfest in the barn of the old Vort'n'Vis...

    Great bands, great atmosphere and not too many fights (for that period in time.... believe me, there were big fights in the 90s and they could be ugly).

    The pics I have from that Fest are awesome. I totally remember Hans Liar tearing down a poster where some emo-fags had voiced their concern about the violent dancing... The moment Hans teared it down, they started playing and TRASHED the place.
    That was the best Liar gig I have ever seen... We heard the BATTLECRIES all over the place allright :-)

  2. at least 3 more barn Vort'n Vis festivals took place.