woensdag 1 september 2010

H8000 ZINES + THE H8000 BOOK

Allright, has been awhile since my last post here....here's the scoop.

*All H8000 Zine issues will be collected in one sort of book, this before the end of this year.
The quantity will be limited to 100-200 and this will be the ultimate chance to have all issues all in once. Will be released in co-operation with Reality Records who will be handling the distribution.

*The H8000 book will see the light of day somewhere in 2011, there's a ton of work on this project. There's too much great history to just let it slide in obscurity. There's a ton of pic's, the one and only record collection list, flyers, posters and a ton of writing and interviews..it's basically history from the late 80's to the mid 90's.
There's some interested parties to put it out as a good looking book, stay tuned for this one.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Why the hell make this so limited? Many kids will be disappointed with not having a copy...

  2. You'll be suprised how many kids these days 'don't care' anymore...if there's more required, we can always re-print.

  3. I wonder how i'm gonna get a copy since i'm always in the middle of nowhere (supporting the south east asian scene nowadays)
    But excited for sure and it still seems to me that there's more people out there waiting for it.

  4. I'm pretty sure if you want a hold of a copy, it will be possible..;wherever you are.
    The reactions have nothing but positive so far.
    I'm receiving mails and materials from people that are awesome!

  5. Great idea!
    Maybe the kids nowaday don't care anymore, but I'm sure a lot of older kids (like me) who don't show up at shows anymore but still have their heart with the old HC-scene, will be interested... Sounds great!

  6. Time for you to dig in your archives and maybe you'll find something that might be useful.
    Need also Lifecycle pic's..yes, you will have a page in the thing. :)

  7. what??? I need a copy!

    cheers from Puerto Rico.

  8. Damn, I really should read this blog more often... I don't have that much pics of us... The one with a lot of old H8000-pics, including Lifecycle pics, is XSTVX, but this is kinda late for the release date, I think...
    Anyway, I'm very excited to get my copy of the book! I hope there's a lot in the book from the 90's!