zondag 28 maart 2010


SPIRIT OF YOUTH has always been a special band to me...the two main persons in the band, Dompie & Fré started checking hardcore and punk at a very young age. The days of hanging out at the Roeselare ramp and skating the streets back in the early 90's are still fresh in my memory, even the fact it's that long ago. I played drums in the first line-up and played bass later on in SOY, we did a couple of great tours and the very first release on SoberMind was the engine/darkroom cassette release only. 'Source' got recorded a couple of years after the tape, and the trademarking style has been unchanged since that release till the very end of the band. I was pretty pissed about the fact that they left the label and signed with GoodLife, but this was definitely the best step for the band, a couple of great releases and awesome unforgetable shows all over where part of the deal.
Spirit Of Youth was without any doubt the most groovy H8000 band in the 90's.
The two brothers never stopped playing hard music, Solid was formed right after the end of SOY and now they are playing in h8000's Blood Redemption.

This pressing-info for 'Source' is to be found here as well:


Expect a full interview very soon with Dompie (SOY-BLOOD REDEMPTION) soon.

SMR08- 1997
Format: LP/CD
Amount: 500 LP-1000 CD
Color vinyl: 100 Mint Green/ 10 Charcoal grey/390 Black Vinyl
Sleeve pic: Geert Verbeke

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  1. awesome, somehow I believed the color was cream, thought I saw that on a tradelist once.
    But anyway, I'm bidding right now on a black copy at the bay...

  2. The color is some kind of Jade greenish...I still have a ltd grey copy for sale. Ultra rare for sure.

  3. damn. ik heb ze een grijze.. wist niet dat er zo weinig van zijn!