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CONGRESS 'Euridium' 7"ep 1994

EURIDIUM - MCD / 7" - |1994|

1994, another early highlight in h8000 history, probably even THE highlight that made a change to many. After the release of their super limited demo tape that only insiders had in their possession. CONGRESS recorded 'Euridium', the 7" came on Warehouse records, the label that also brought shortsight, Acme, Blindfold and Nations On Fire. The cd release would be on Goodlife (GLR took over machination a bit later). The intro of 'Lead Astray' always was a winner on the early Congress shows, since this was their opener and many got bruised and beaten in the pit...The other 3 songs on the 7" are truly winning h8000 hit-songs...from that moment on, CONGRESS started touring and played many many shows all over with this great release under their belt... Any self-respecting hardcore kid should have this release in their collection.

On a side note...The strange title 'Euridium' has remain a mystery still...later on, the band would use more strange phrases and words on their releases.

Tracklist: - r.i. / I lead astray - Conspiracy of silence - Acoustic life - Black demon



* 7" released on WAREHOUSE RECORDS

* 100 black (PITS Edition-LTD sleeve)

* 980 black, 20 red (first press)

* 1000 clear purple (second press)

* 1000 coffee-brown (third press)

* CD : 1000 cardboard-cover, jewel box -cover

Below, check...

Original CONGRESS 'Euridium' Promo-poster, note the Warehouse address and the distributor for Warehouse was Genet. A promo poster back in the day was just a xerox thing....check also the vinyl sticker that was included inside the sleeve...a true classic! I'm glad I have these treasures in my possession.

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  1. Thanks to Pedro (congress/trenchfoot) for trading me a copy of this classic. It's a treasure that I will cherish. Even here in the Philippines, they influenced a lot of scenesters with their ahead of their time music and insightful lyrics.

  2. The guy with the baseball-cap on the poster was once the vocalist in Spirit of Youth (who wasn't?)and is now a world-reknowned breakbeat artist and DJ who goes by the name of SICKBOY MILKPLUS.

  3. - Pits release show edition.. check.
    - red wax lim to 20... check
    - Congress sticker + promo poster.. check.

  4. I just obtained the brown in nm-condition...
    Three colors / presses here, but no red or release edition. Impossible I guess....

  5. Nee idd, heb hem op de kop kunnen tikken, bijna een hartstilstand toen ik hem in mijn handen kreeg...

  6. I'm about to put this geat 7" on auction on Ebay. On a short note for those who it might concern