zondag 28 maart 2010

LIAR 'Deathrow Earth' color vinyl/Thor

LIAR's 'Deathrow Earth' has probably been the band's most controversial and militant release to date. For some people the technical and different song structure was a bridge too far, but we gained tons of new attention in a massive way. Liar played a shitload of shows in different spots all over Europe, did awesome tours...and played a lot of summer festivals to promote the record. Deathrow Earth has been one of my personal favorite Liar releases...even the fact I went through some shitty times around that time.
Lyrically, I personally never found any better source to take inspiration from. Bitterness, hatred and a broken heart is the perfect mix for a dark and raging release.

Here's some insight info on the sleeve itself. It's soldiers marching into the mist and snow on the Eastern front. Note that the tank on our sleeve doesn't have the flag for obvious reasons :)

We found the concept/image to be a very strong one and wanted to push the stupidity of warfare and killing for your country. The whole greenish color thing on the release + the back of the record was totally influenced by the game Quake, something I was personally totally hooked-on.
We made posters with the image of Thor (God of thunder) on it, for it's strong imagery and
pushing courage, inner-fire and rage. Check also the limited 'give-away to friends' Thor sleeve as well below + Pictured : LIAR/FACEDOWN '99 tour poster, most dates we played with EARTH CRISIS. Some kids drew swastikas and 'nazi straight edge' on Liar and ExC posters. Neverthless, the places where packed every single day on that tour.

LIAR 'Deathrow Earth' LP (Goodlife)
(200 burgundy - 800 black) 1000 copies
(Ltd THOR sleeve - 25 black) 25 copies

*Deathrow Earth tourpass '1999
*Regular sleeve + Ltd Thor sleeve
*War Of The Century book + Tank we stole from book cover.

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  1. Finally get my eyes on that Thor cover...

    Innovative record, Good Life and Liar synergy right here!

    Thanks for posting this information, I'm blown away...

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  3. 先告訴自己希望成為什麼樣的人,然後一步一步實踐必要的步驟。........................................

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  5. love that record till this day!!
    got a copy of the lp with the thor cover at a forgotten stall at vort'n vis a really long time ago.