zondag 9 mei 2010

SOBERMIND RECORDS 'the unreleased'

Here's a list of some releases that where planned, but never saw the light of day, or at least not through SMR:

*Ironside 'smothered conviction' 7"(normally planned on PMA records)
*Shortsight 'cold wounds waking' LP/CD (cd got released through Goodlife rec's)
*v/a "Yummy" compilation (Blindfold, Shortsight,SOY,FEEDING THE FIRE)..veggie compl 7"
*Kindred 7"
*Culture 'Born Of You' LP/CD (CTW and Goodlife did the job)
*xOutcastx MCD
*VITALITY 'Bloodlines' 10" vinyl.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. That Kindred 7" would have been with the Kindred songs on the Culture/Kindred split?

    And about the Culture LP: CTW is the label who ripped of the band several times by repressing it without notice or giving royalties to the band... Therefore I really need the Good Life pressing in Blue or clear.

    Is Feeding The Fire also a H8000 band? Never heard of them...

    I said it before, a Vitality 10" would have been awesome. But I think this will never ever happen.

  2. Nope, 2 brand-new tracks.
    Feeding The Fire was a Dutch band with Rob Born From Pain / Wheel Of Progress on vocals.
    They played more shows in the 8000 area than they played in their own area.
    Vitality 10"..nah, it won't happen.

  3. Do any digital copies of the unreleased ironside 7" exist? Thats a real shame it never saw the light of day.

  4. The 4 songs came on the "Fragments of the Last Judgement" 7" (Subjugation records) in 1993...which is their best effort for sure.
    Check this interesting IRONSIDE thingie: http://www.aversionline.com/blahg/2008/08/08/ironside-discography/#

  5. oh, thanks. have that! yes, its quite brilliant. i like damn your blooded eyes as well. thanks for the link!