zondag 27 september 2009

THE GOODLIFE 'The Way It Is..European Straigt Edge'

GOODLIFE 'The Way It Is..European Straigt Edge' Lp/Cd 1996

Probably one of the most important and hottest compilations from the mid 90's...also THE compilation that established GLR at the fore front of the European and global hardcore scene. Not to mention the many H8000 bands who where present at the compl sparked even more interest to many kids worldwide. The artwork was top-notch, flashy and totally over the top. The booklet on cd format being the same for the vinyl and cd version is totally rad and inspirational. All bands on this one had the Straight Edge thing in common, yet the compl brought a variety in styles of music, idea's and what not...it got good and bad press, both vinyl and the cd version sold out in a jiffy though...Great memories.

The young Marlon Brando made it on the LP labels and also on this ad for the 'Immoral Straightedger' tees that came out at the same time. These days labels lack inspiration and fun in their ad's, the early GLR ad's sparked attention because of their content.

The vinyl version has been pressed on 1000 copies black vinyl and is pretty rare these days, it's a quality record and kids aren't eager to sell it, it seems.

The ad for the comp had Jeroen NOF shaving his head before a NOF tour. Jeroen always made fun of the whole h8000 thing kinda, so Ed suckered him back by using the pic for the ad. Great ad and totally funny.

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  1. hahaha! the record that made my ass famous all over the world! :)

    whatever happened to aaron?

  2. Hi pat!!!
    How are you my friend....???
    Aaron, have no clue where he is right now.

  3. all is fine and dandy, my friend!
    get in touch and don't be a stranger: patrickfederli@yahoo.com

  4. Hi Pat, long time !

    yep, famous ass, you were one of the pioneers of body modification back in the day ! Today that tattoo looks almost normal, but back then it was considered outrageous !

    Aaron is now a pro martial arts teacher in Texas !


  5. I still have that "Immoral Straightedger" T-shirt (I still wear it, but only to play capoeira).

    I wasn't SxE at the time and I loved the T-shirt... basically, every non-SxE was an immoral Sxe ... everyone could wear it, love it...

    And also : "You don't want to know what's on my mind..." just for that phrase, the buy was required :-)