zondag 30 augustus 2009

THE H8000 SHIRT ARCHIVES part 2 (early 90's)

NATIONS ON FIRE 'strike the match' rec release TS '91
This show was legendary, September '91...it was the release of NATIONS ON FIRE's 'Strike The match' LP and probably one of the first shows of SPIRIT OF YOUTH....
Months before that show some NOF/SOY members (yours truly involved as well) had a serious car accident right after some studio sessions in Hengelo Holland. We had to do some backing-vocals in order to finish the record. While driving back home, Jaak (NOF) fel asleep at the wheel and the car flipped-over multiple times, it was horrible...most of us where wounded, bruised and fuck-ed. Especially Jaak had some serious leg-injurie and had to stay in the hospital. I remember me playing drums with fucked-up ribs and Jan (singer soy) with a blasting headache from the accident. UJ had a his shoulder dislocated and Jeroen bassplayer took a blow in the chest...half of the bands where cripple. :)
Tons of people filled the small Vort'n Vis venue and there has been s shirt printed with the flyer on it and on the back a Pic of NOF and PMA rec's below.
The longsleeve is very rare, there's 10 made or so...

BLINDFOLD 91-92 'Desert' shirt

There's a small story involved here as well...we hardly played any shows with BF and wanted to make some shirts...the printshop was exactly where the Goodlife office is right now for the last couple of years...the ink was bad and so was the printing and pricing. We sold shirt the shirts and still lost money on them. The important thing was that we had some tees..there's 25 made and they are extremely hard to find.. I know few people who are probably still having it though. The back has the lyrics from the very first BF song ever made... Pretty straight edge if you ask me.
Check the XXX PMA RECORDS chestprint.

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