maandag 28 september 2009


In the aftermath of the 2009 Ieperfest, I thought it was about time to post the flyer of the very first edition here.
Not more than a couple of hundred people and a bunch of great bands filling the weekend...the fest was a two dayer and started in the afternoon on saturday. The Vort'n Vis was a pretty big house/place and every floor had people staying over for the was awesome and a very very long time ago. :)
One of the funniest phrases on the flyer is definitely " If you plan to fuck it up, be sure to return in a body bag"!

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  1. This festival was my idea and initiative. I booked the bands, set the rules and designed the flyer and organised the whole thing together with the other shitworkers at the old Vort'n Vis. I even have some old video footage of this first Ieperfest that i would like to convert to digital, can anyone help ?


  2. I love the blog. I have it linked up to my site ( Any chance of you posting up Mp3s of these releases? I love reading about them, but would love hearing some of them even more. I'm pretty in-depth with the H8000 scene of days past, but finding some of the albums over here in America is becoming quite hard. I have all my Liar and Congress albums and everything, but finding things like what you're speaking of is pretty impossible.

  3. I find the 'Violent dancing (...) will not be tolerated' rather intresting. Since I'm only 19 at this very moment I haven't experienced the H8000 scene. Would it be possible to explain what was seen as 'violent dancing'? Moshing as we know it these days?

  4. Let's say that the dancing/moshing was a bit different than it is these days...things where more violent and hostile. People often came down to a show to screw things up, they got often kicked-out the hard way.

  5. ed made me work the door with saskia. i got an indecision fanzine from you for the trainride home. short: i had an amazing time and i met people for the first time that i still call friends 18 years later. exactly what hc is all about.

    ps: we are ironside and we are a straight edge band! anyone have a problem with this?