maandag 20 juli 2009


H8000 HARDCORE, some tapes...
In a way nothing too crazy with the pictured tapes, the reason I do mention these is because all tapes have been released in different parts of Europe, being Germany and Poland...these are licensed from Warehouse, SoberMind and Goodlife.
Polish kids back then could hardly afford cd's or vinyl, so they released a tape overthere and they sold like hot cakes, these tapes did also pretty well in East-Germany
Speaking from an own experience, some of the most memorable, crazy shows from Liar and Blindfold took place in the Eastern parts of Europe, probably because of these tapes, kids knew the lyric's from A to Z. They are probably worth nothing, but they're definitely cool and are priceless to me at least.
Pictured are:
LIAR'Invictus' (Poland)
NOF 'Strike The Match' (Germany)
NOF 'Death Of The Pro-Lifer' (Poland)
GOODLIFE 'sampler' Vol II (Poland)
BLINDFOLD 'Asteroid 164' (Poland)
BLINDFOLD 'live 93 + 7" tracks' (Poland)
SPINELESS 'A talk...' (Poland)

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  1. Actually the NOF 'strike' cassette was made and released in the H8000 area by the Warehouse Gang !

  2. Tape deck staat klaar naast de computer en binnenkort kan ik tapes beginnen rippen. Blindfold Live Tape staat op de 'to rip' lijst.

  3. I had all of these cassettes except for Nations On Fire Strike The Match (I had the other NOF tape though). After years of commie regime our economy was pretty fucked up then and the only way to get new music legally was buying cassettes that's why the few bands that got to release their material on tapes over here were very popular among Polish kids. I don't know about the rest of Europe, CDs were like sth new back then and when I bought my first hardcore CD (it was Culture - Born Of You i think) I had to go to my friend's house to listen to this stuff.

    As for the re-relasing hardcore records in Poland: Good folks from Youth Culture and Refuse Rec. were licensing some stuff from Goodlife/Sobermind/Genet as well as handled the distribution of their titles over here. On the other hand, Shing Rec. released stuff by bands like Within Reach, Misconduct, Intensity, Vision... I still got the YC catalogue, it's in Polish but I can scan it for you if you want to upload it. That were good times and because there were so few bands coming to Poland then, every gig was special and kids were going insane.

    I think the Goodlife comp is probably the best hardcore compilation I ever heard in my life and most listened to. I loved every track on this album.

  4. I'd kill for that Blindfold tape, would def like to hear BF in the year 1993