dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

THE H8000 SHIRT ARCHIVES part 3 (mid 90's)

Probably one of the better CONGRESS-LIAR collections...

1: CONGRESS Confront baseball bat Rip-Off sweater. 1992-1993
2: LIAR 'Invictus' Hooded sweater 1997
3: CONGRESS 'C' logo Hooded Sweater 1995
4: CONGRESS 'Exhume The truth' Hooded sweater 1997
5: LIAR 'Invictus' sweater 1997
6: LIAR 'Aim for total destruction' Shirt 1998
7: CONGRESS 'The Other Cheek' sweater 1996
8: CONGRESS 'ringer' 1992 (25 made and VERY rare)

(Collection: Terrence Gryson BXL)
Terrence was responsable for a lot of intro's/outro's on the Congress releases.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi
    I'm Gerardo, from southamerica
    I'm looking for spirit of youth lyrics, could you upload it or send it to me?

    Great blog


  2. Gerardo,
    I encourage you to order (instead of downloading) the actual SOY releases at www.hardcore.gl
    This way you keep on supporting hardcore music and it's hardworking labels.
    These releases are essential in any collection.
    Thank you!


  3. yeah i know it

    but it's too expensive buy cd's froma other country, the shipping it's more expensive than the cd or lp.

    And there are not many distros in southamerica who have soy material.


    Thanks, i understand what you said, i will try to buy it

  4. hi again

    can you write something of wiseup,

    it's great band.

  5. WiseXUp where a BXL band, and not from the H8000 area, sorry bro.

  6. ooo no problem
    i will search info in other site

    great blog