dinsdag 14 juli 2009

PMA RECORDS 1991-1993

Definitely one of the first "SxE bands only" labels in Europe and probably on the globe...the label started-up somewhere in '91, run by UxJ (Congress-Liar) and Hans (Blindfold-Liar). It only lasted for two years and 3 releases...here's the scoop:

NATIONS ON FIRE 'Live At Vortn'Vis' 7"ep 1992 (PMA # 1/2)
This was the first release, and is actually a split release with Warehouse and is numbered 1/2, it's a couple of songs from NOF live at the Vortn'Vis, nowadays a soundquality like this would sell nada, but back in the day the kids where extremely happy with this baby. On the sleeve there's a young version of both UxJ and Hans in the crowd and the fun thing about the pic is that it's at another show outside the area (Aalst to be more specific). There's 1000 pressed with a blue sleeve and a couple of years later a 500 made red sleeve would be the re-press (need to find it here). No test-presses of this record.

BLINDFOLD 'Deprogrammers Do Not Exist 7"ep 1992 (PMA #1)
After doing a bunch of shows this new band called Blindfold was ready to record .
BF recorded 6 tracks and 4 got used for the 7". The other 2 are still un-released. The 7" did pretty well and this was the first official release on PMA. The sleeve was printed with eco-friendly ink on expensive eco-friendly paper that was very unfriendly moneywise. The paperwork was fragile and most sleeves where falling apart after awhile. This is a 1000 made 7", no test press.

REVEAL 'Descent' 7"ep. 1993 (PMA#2)
When Encounter stayed over in Roeselare city summer '92, they mentioned this other band some members had named...Reveal. A full-on sXe band that played fast old school hardcore. When we received the demo, we showed interest and released the 7". This one was soo frustrating concerning horror pressingplant stories and screwed-up things that this was probably the main reason for quitting the label. The official and right-on release got pressed on both 600 green and 400 white 7"'s. The fucked-up edition got handed-out at local shows for free, it has a skipp in the last song and has a big hole in the middle of the 7", which sucks. There's 6 test-presses.

The original 1991 "PMA DRUG FREE YOUTH" patch.
Our very first releases was this patch, almost every European Edge kid had one back then. :)

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  1. "The fucked-up edition got handed-out at local shows for free"... Ik heb er zeker 2 gekocht.

  2. Yep, maar jij was toen ook nog niet op die local shows hé. :)

  3. I'm actually not that familiar with Reveal New Jersey, but I see that record often in between other records in very decent collections...