zaterdag 20 juni 2009

CONGRESS -The demo days- 1993

* 50 original tapes (1993)
* 100 handcopied by the band and re-released in 1994

I'll remember when the CONGRESS demotape was released back in 1993, it meant a different sound and was the start of a more aggressive style of hardcore, the start of a new era so to say...unfortunately the tape was sold out/handed out in a jiffy. Another 100 where repressed with on the A side the demo and on the B side the recorded live show from a local show (Langemark-1994). Definitely rare as hell. The scene would be hit with another masterpiece in the year '94... The infamous 'Euridium' release.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The Demo was also released on the B-side of Congress' 'The Other Cheek' LP/CD, now long sold out.

    The vocalist on the demo was Roy, a true H8000
    warrior, who also contributed to H8Z and unfortunately passed away a couple
    years ago. We all attended his funeral. RIP brother.


  2. Bought this one for 30 euros some time ago, but still waiting for it in the mail... Fuckos!

  3. I believe it much more worth, priceless actually... But if the seller agreed, then he should have sent it, too bad for you gio