woensdag 17 juni 2009

THE H8000 SHIRT ARCHIVES (mid 90's)

'blackened Persistance' 1995

This shirt was printed in 1995 along with the release of 'Blackened Persistance' on Goodlife Recordings.
In my opinion, THE milestone in h8000 history, more about the release itself (a full CONGRESS page will follow). I've worn this sweater till death, just like many kids did back then...definitely one of the best Congress designs as well. This had a bigger print run, still very hard to get these days...this thing is 14 years old in the meantime.



Right after their 'Bloodlines' MCD, there was a small run of VITALITY shirts made, even the fact this is not the very first shirt they did (need to look in the many boxes with stuff here), this was the SMR edition. 50 made and sold out pretty fast. There's 25 Navy and 25 forest green ones.

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  1. I would like to add here that all our old layouts, be it for shirts, posters, tapes, lp's, cd's and what not were done by a man
    of great talent named Onno Hesselink, a
    dutch guy living in Overijse, Flanders.

    Great times were had during those years and
    even if Onno has moved on to other things
    these days, i want to take the chance and pay
    tribute to his talent, patience and dedication
    to hardcore over the decades !

    Maybe an all-Onno post would be a good idea !

    Thank You !

  2. An Onno interview/profile will happen + all the great work he's done will be pictured.
    Soo much little time, so much to add here. :(

  3. danku voor die bloemen. Follow me at twitter.com/OnnoHesselink

  4. I still have this one in mint condition as a crewneck in burgundy. Any idea how many were made of these?


  5. looking for some merch of Vitality.
    Wasted time?