dinsdag 23 juni 2009

SHORTSIGHT -The Demo Days- 1992

SHORTSIGHT 'demo' 1992 (Machination Records)
-100 made
I remember exactly how the demo was recorded, since I did the vocals for it...the studio was build inside in the back of a truck...everything was live recorded and I did the vocals in a small cabine while hardly hearing any music. The tape came out pretty good actually and one song made it on the 'Regress No Way' 7"ep, still happy I could contribute to this. I always loved the band and the people in it. * Note the 8000 Crew sticker!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The Shortsight Full CD is sadly a very overlooked record, great stuff.

    There was a phase they went through that
    full of feminazi b/s so i would say i had
    a love/hate relationship with that band.

    Still i liked this demo, cool NOF reference, too. Both 7"s are great too.

    Apart from Spirit of Youth, i think this was the H8000 band that had the most changing members, lol.

  2. is there any chance you might convert the tape into mp3's and share them? fuckin' love that song on the regress no way 7"!!! cheers mike xdarkstarx361@hotmail.com