donderdag 18 augustus 2011

H8000 ZINES 'the complete collection'

Hey kids...for those who are in a desperate need to collect all the old original H8000 zines, it will be hard for sure...especially the first ones are almost impossible to find. That's why the fine folks at Reality Records printed all these in one issue (book). The result is stunning and definitely worth getting. It's limited, so get your copy today folks. You will NOT be dissapointed for sure.
Check this great peace of H8000 hardcore history. Buy or die!!!

vrijdag 8 april 2011

H8000 Book progress

Yess, things are going better than expected. I received tons of new material in the meantime.
Still I don't think we're gonna make it this year. Fingers crossed.
Keep on sending in the goods..all contributions are needed in order to make this a monster project.


zaterdag 5 februari 2011

H8000 HC 'a decade and more'

H8000 HC 'a decade and more'

Yes folks...things are getting organised, while 2011 had to be the release of the book, there's a change that 2012 will be more realistic. A ton of work and organisation is part of the deal here.
Interviews are been taken this weekend with some h8000 veterans by Willem, as he will be the main man to do this job...which is awesome of course.
The working title for the book will be ' H8000 Hardcore 'a decade and more'....things will be starting probably from 1990 on, which is the pre-h8000 period, but the base for everything afterwards...some interesting things have happened after the year 2000 as well, that's why I wanna mention more than the crazy most active mid 90's years. Stay tuned, as we are working our asses off in between and it's amazing to see how many contributions that came in the last weeks from every corner of the globe...this will be a blast!!! Believe the hype.

donderdag 6 januari 2011

H8000 BOOK on facebook

How much I hate all these community pages, this is probably the only way to find some lost souls who might have that extra info that I need for the book...

Search for H8000 BOOK and you'll find what you need. :)!/pages/H8000-BOOK/152829174768093

donderdag 30 december 2010


While we're at this time of the year, it's perfect to catch up with some 1990 memories. With Rise Above we where definitely influenced by the old Boston hardcore scene.
We even named our 2nd 7" 'B is for Boston'. SSD have been one of the top bands that has influenced many Straight Edge bands around the globe, at least to me personally they had the hardest message and played that raging fast hell of a combination.

Back on topic now, last week I received the 'Boston Rock Christmas' LP, this one has been on my personal want-list for the last 15 years or so...I picked it up through e-bay, the person who sold it to me played in Del Fuegos and sold it for a very nice low price.
The Real reason why I had to get it was because of the X-Mas song that SSD brought on this compl, and that same song we did on our own 7" many many years ago.
The recording session itself was hilarious, we added some of our own dialect instead of singing the exact words, because the words of Springa (ssd) where so damn hard to understand and to translate. My own dad came to the studio to take some pic's and ended up joining in on doing backing-vocals. We did some slints of DYS stuff and had a song entitled 'favorite band' which was basically a sum-up of the 4 SSD album titles as the singing line.
Good memories and that 12" made me a happy puppy when I received it last week.
For those interested, the original SSD X mas track is on their 'power' discography compilation.
Happy XXX mas and a great 2011!!!

woensdag 1 december 2010

H8000 ZINES to published....

Probably at the Ieperfest Winter edition....expect a good looking H8000zine 'book'. :)

woensdag 1 september 2010

H8000 ZINES + THE H8000 BOOK

Allright, has been awhile since my last post's the scoop.

*All H8000 Zine issues will be collected in one sort of book, this before the end of this year.
The quantity will be limited to 100-200 and this will be the ultimate chance to have all issues all in once. Will be released in co-operation with Reality Records who will be handling the distribution.

*The H8000 book will see the light of day somewhere in 2011, there's a ton of work on this project. There's too much great history to just let it slide in obscurity. There's a ton of pic's, the one and only record collection list, flyers, posters and a ton of writing and's basically history from the late 80's to the mid 90's.
There's some interested parties to put it out as a good looking book, stay tuned for this one.