zaterdag 13 juni 2009


To make a long story short, we where booked through MAD bookings in Germany and when we did send the artwork for the upcoming 'Steel Against Steel' tour, they where a bit upset...It was definitely not appreciated to use the eagle symbol as a tourposter, even the fact we stole the damn thing from a Manowar record and put H8000 CREW in it...we switched the lay-out in 15 minutes, coz time was running out, the rejected poster is pictured above, the approved which was rather dull and a stereotype hardcore crowdshot looking one ,will be pictured later on. The eagle did however ended up on the 'Steel Against Steel' tour shirt which suprisingly sold pretty good to the German audiences. This shirt will be reviewed very soon in the H8000 shirt archives.
The rejected poster has been pictured in our own H8Z. (H8000 zine)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool, i just noticed that under the eagle it says h8000 crew


  2. Volgens mij heb ik de poster voor de tour nog zien hangen op een Belgische show, kan dat? Of zijn er nooit gemaakt.
    Coole blog btw, keep it up. Bummed out dat ik in '99 al mijn H8000 flyers in de vuilbak heb gegooid wegens niet youth crew genoeg te zijn.