donderdag 4 juni 2009

From TOUCH MY HEART CREW, 8000 to H8000

I totally forgot about the name 'TOUCH MY HEART CREW', untill I checked in my flyer/poster archives....
TMHC was basically a bunch of friends here organising shows and spreading newsletters around back in 91-92.
The term 8000 was founded also in '92, it basically stood for the 4 bands that where pretty active back then: BLINDFOLD, SHORTSIGHT, SPIRIT OF YOUTH and NATIONS ON FIRE. 200 of the first BLINDFOLD 'deprogrammers do not exist' (pma) 7"'s have an 8000 sticker on the inner sleeve and so has the SHORTSIGHT demotape. A local show back then meant at least half of the above mentioned bands + guests from all over. Most shows went on at the old Vortn Vis (Ieper) or at the Pits (Kortrijk).
CONGRESS added the H before H8000 probably like a year later...the start of a new era!
The flyer on the left is a good example of old shows going on in the area, this was a free show Januari 19th-1992 in The Pits (Kortrijk), a place not bigger than a shoebox, packed with crazy hardcore kids. The ceiling was decorated with stuff, and while diving, kids ruined the whole thing. At first the owners weren't very amused and we thought this would be the last hardcore related show, luckely many more legendary ones followed. I remember being in 3 bands at the time and so where most members actually, I quit SOY that day and a bit later SHORTSIGHT, where my sister took over the vocal duties. And focused myself on Blindfold, as we got more and more shows. Blindfold would be the busiest band of the 4 mentioned later on. Non-stop playing and touring.
VORTN VIS (Ieperfest 1996) Pic Roel Brals.
At the gate you can see some of the SHORTSIGHT members hanging out.

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  1. Yeah,I know i coined the term 8000 CREW until Josh Fury from Congress made it into H8000 - we all accepted it.

    I added "Edgemetal, trademark sound of the H8000-area"

    still proud of it. All of the NEW 2009 bands SHOULD embrace this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. There are some contemporary bands that still are really influenced by Edgemetal! Check out Hands Upon Salvation from Indonesia for example