zaterdag 5 februari 2011

H8000 HC 'a decade and more'

H8000 HC 'a decade and more'

Yes folks...things are getting organised, while 2011 had to be the release of the book, there's a change that 2012 will be more realistic. A ton of work and organisation is part of the deal here.
Interviews are been taken this weekend with some h8000 veterans by Willem, as he will be the main man to do this job...which is awesome of course.
The working title for the book will be ' H8000 Hardcore 'a decade and more'....things will be starting probably from 1990 on, which is the pre-h8000 period, but the base for everything afterwards...some interesting things have happened after the year 2000 as well, that's why I wanna mention more than the crazy most active mid 90's years. Stay tuned, as we are working our asses off in between and it's amazing to see how many contributions that came in the last weeks from every corner of the globe...this will be a blast!!! Believe the hype.

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  1. Can't wait to read it guys, been into h8000 since 10 years.

    Titi - Tournai hardcore crew

  2. I love h8000. Fairly new to it and have been learning from your blog! Really enjoying Firestone, Liar, and Congress.

    Any chance we can do a blog exchange? I'd love to be associated with you guys.


  3. Perfect, i just linked your blog here.


  4. Hey, whats happening... You should do a little interview with me for this book. I was responsible for putting out a few things important to thing period and was friends and pen pals with a lot of players.

    Mike CTW on facebook.